Our Approach


At BeHive, we develop strategic advice and actionable suggestions for our clients on crucial problems facing their companies. Most commonly, there are two paths we take in consulting our clients. If a pre-defined challenge/problem is present, our team develops concrete, behavior-centered solutions to address specific needs of the client. If challenges are not pre-defined, we start with performing an extensive research and analysis of your industry and company in order to map out key challenges and success factors necessary to achieve the goals you may be struggling with – both on the organizational and consumer level. Understanding buyer behavior is no longer a 'nice-to-have', but an absolute necessity in today's rapidly-changing, competitive environment. Because human behavior is a central aspect of any product- or service-offering business (existing both at the low-level of customer interaction and in the hierarchy of your organization), our innovative and novel approach identifies the root of the problem and provides means of tackling the 'guilty' behavior in its core, resulting in lasting, positive impact.

How can you identify behavioral biases and emotions that influence purchasing behavior? 

How can you create a closer relationship between customers and your business? 

How can you change the context of the decision-making to influence choice?

Become a Changemaker​


Customer decision journeys are changing in the face of digitalization and the millennials effect. Our team is dedicated to help companies navigate in the current environment of rapid change and increasing uncertainty by designing behavioral interventions that create a bridge over troubled waters. Using the latest advancements of behavioral science, we provide our clients with an edge in today’s competitive landscape. 


These times call for a more rigorous analysis of your customers' behavior to ensure a clear alignment of their values and expectations with your products and services. The behavioral approach can also provide your business with the necessary understanding of the fast-changing markets and alternative safety nets, grounded in the insights of behavioral sciences.

The Results


Correctly position your product/ service with respect to the consumers' behavioral tendencies


Influence consumer behavior (e.g. through habit formation) to improve sales and brand popularity


Improve consumer engagement and retention by studying their behavioral profiles


Improve your customers' decision journey by applying a behavior-centric approach


Develop an edge over your competitors by leveraging low-cost and powerful behavioral design techniques like nudging


Tackle your business challenges with a long-term, principled approach, as opposed to short-term, ad-hoc methods

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