Behavioral Design

Our team of economists, finance professionals and behavioral experts provide unique behavioral interventions, which are designed after careful research and analysis of the underlying factors. 


Our design process always starts with the (1.) definition of the problem and the (2.) definition of the desired end-state. This is important because we truly believe that no bridge can be built without knowing where we are and where we want to be. After a careful research and analysis of the problem, our team links the desired end-state to a target behavior that is necessary to reach the goal. Importantly, these solutions are characterized by their simplicity, while providing extensive and lasting impact. At BeHive, we are committed to deliver the most suitable and functioning solutions. 

The implementation phase consists of carefully evaluating the required resources and infrastructure that needs to be put in place. Starting with a Proof of Concept (often backed by our experimental findings), our incremental approach to delivery ensures a smooth transition to a fully-working solution. Concurrently, we make sure that all stakeholders are kept informed and satisfied throughout the process, establishing a network of trust and openness.

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Budapest, Hungary

Tel:  +36 30 284 0599

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